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.-. sorry for leaving I was depressed. I'm kinda back now. I don't have anything to show kinda for my year long absence I haven't drawn like at all tbh I'll post what I have though. I've deleted my requests journal because I'm obviously not to be trusted with taking requests. thank freaking god I didn't take anyone's money.................................... (If I did then sorry I'll repay you if you let me know)

very sorry about that.

anyways I've pretty much been in a bit of a dark place mentally. When I get to a certain point I sorta wall myself from friends and art..... but I'm feeling a bit better.

the problem is that I was very very upset with how much I failed in college. I've decided to just drop out now and never go back tbh. I am considering getting into comic drawing and 3D modeling on the side of normal person shit jobs that pay the bills... but who knows 3D modeling is very complicated and I've always been horrible at finishing things I start.

._. sorry again...
So a Long time ago. liike I think 2012. I made a spur of the moment web adventure. I loved the story too. It was a Story about a somewhat post apocalyptic (although that wasn't planned to be mentioned) city dome where humans had been raised not by their families for several generation but by robots (because everyone is much to busy to raise kids). Overall children didn't interact with adults until they themselves were adults and ready to join the workforce, instead they lived by themselves with a robot parent. Lots of fun things like people being mostly computers with the number of computer implants they had and no one having names anymore (they had numbers instead lol) plus the streets running rampant with gangs n whatnot.

But the biggest thing. Was that the story was told by the main character's Shadow. Everyone had a shadow that was  alive and could do stuff. But they were generally even more fucked up than their human counterpart (due to the lack of recognition of existance) they were also demon-ish looking (that's because I loveee demons though). ANYWATS his shadow is seeing the last fucking straw with his human who is in the first panel being mugged (because he didn't get them the goods he was supposed to) anyways he flips his shit and decides he doesn't want to die from the hands of these gang members. Cuz the afterlife is shit. Where the Shadows are the ones who lead and are followed around by the souls of the people they were shadows for.

:V ANYWAYS A movie is coming out That looks extremely similar ( such as the short summery of it's plot sounds like the over reaching plot of mine lacking all the good physiological trauma and the movie poster looks exactly like the first panel of mine) . Being made by Dreamworks now and slatted for late 2015 -2016.

So, in order to not look like a copy cat making a comic that looks like a darker edgier version of their movie. I think I'll try to start that up again. Although I may not have time I really hope I do tbh I have so many plots/stories I want to write. I am practically considering writing them down then giving them to others to write. It's literally the worst experience in the world craving a plot that you made up in your head that you think is pretty good and finding nothing remotely close exists like it. Sure I could hog this plot to myself. BUT I want to just watch my plot as movie... or read it... AND I want other people to see it too so I can fantalk with them. It's strangely depressing to have something you want to watch but it not existing.

Oh also The movie (Me and my Shadow) sounds like it will be good imo either way I'm going to fan on it as bad as people are fanning on Frozen since it'll probably be like watching your own plot in a movie.
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